Womens Costume Halloween Party Cosplay Emulation Scalp Full Head Wig (Brown Rogue-ZU16W902)

January 29, 2018 - Comment
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Bettie says:

It doesnt look cheap, great for cosplay! Buying wigs online is like Russian roulette! They may look real in photos and super plastic shiny in person. I do cosplay so I’m picky with wigs. I took a risk to buy this wig because my time was running out and had to get one asap. It was perfect!! I expected a low quality wig because it’s not expensive!! But I was pleasantly surprised it’s great quality for the price. Comes with a hair net. And fit my head perfect. At the end of the day it got a little frizzy because I kept moving it.

Melissa says:

AMAZING quality wig! This wig is very true to Anna’s hair! The colors and style are very accurate. The wig is thick and voluminous, which helps you have that exaggerated character look to your costume. The braids are able to be taken out and restyled, although I have not tried to use heat on it or create Anna’s coronation updo. I think you’d be able to do it successfully with this wig though! The white streak on my wig was a bit farther back than I’d hoped, and was hard to make visible on my head. But that can be…

Amazon Customer says:

Great wig Everyone loved my wig, and it was perfect for my Anna costume. I am a pediatric doctor and dressed up as Anna on Halloween for work. The kids and my staff loved my costume and wig. I wore the wig all day long, and despite the fact that it is a very heavy wig, it did not fall off or give me a headache. 

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