The Woman in Black

August 23, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Well crafted ghost story with a classic feel. Classy with out being boring or corny. As a horror fan I come into any ghost story with an air of skepticism ready to be disappointed. Thankfully this movie delivers. I thought the casting was excellent, the drama suspenseful and not overly predictable. The scenery and the sets were outstanding in so much that just being in those places and rooms would be spooky enough to give one shivers down the spine. The story lends itself to some typical horror tropes but not in such a way as to cheapen the whole experience that much. Given…

Anonymous says:

A gothic ghost story to leave you chills… A fantastic ghost story that will leave in with chills and a lingering fear of shadows throughout the night. I love scary movies but hate what they have been reduced to over the years. This is a classic haunting ghost story created with modern technology. If you loved shows like the Changeling, Flowers in the attic, Stephen King, this is an absolute must watch. I watched it several years ago and loved it. I rewatched it again last night over amazon prime and it was just as fantastic if not…

Anonymous says:

Love this spooky ghost story! I love British mysteries and gothic horror stories. This film had all the ingredients for an excellent movie and did not disappoint. The acting was spot on and wonderful. Daniel Radcliff has indeed grown into a fine actor with sensitivity and distinction. The other actors were also wonderful, including, the “Twins” (so cute) and the other cute little dog. I love dogs and especially in this movie because none of dogs became casualties like other movies manage to stoop to. This movie was…

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