JustinCostume 1920s Accessories Headband Necklace Gloves Cigarette Holder Boa C

January 13, 2018 - Comment

This JustinCostume 1920’s themed accessories set, fits most girls or women.

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This JustinCostume 1920’s themed accessories set, fits most girls or women.


RERCLR says:

Perfect except for the gloves I love this but four stars cause the gloves are child size. Thin child size. If you have very thin arms then these will fit but definitely not a fit for an average size woman. The headband is great. Not tight at all yet stood in place. The scarf is a bit thin but it served its purpose. I would have given this a five star had the gloves fit better.

Amazon Customer says:

Gloves Were A Little Small, But Everthing Else Is Perfect! Just about everything was perfect with this set! The headpiece was gorgeous, the pearls were the perfect size and length, and the cigarette holder was adorable. The only the I was 100% thrilled with were the gloves. I expected them to have a bit more stretch to them since I didn’t see any size options. So, while they did kinda fit, they were pretty tight on my arms and didn’t end up staying on long. To be fair, I’m not the smallest girl in the world, so on someone smaller or with smaller arms,…

K-rater says:

Very nice This was beautiful especially the headband. I ordered it for a Harlem Nights Party but ended up not needing it. The cigarette holder is not as long as it looks in the pic and the gloves are small. You need to have small arms .Overall it was a nice set and good deal.

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