California Costumes Women’s Flapper Wig,Black,One Size

December 25, 2015 - Comment

Flapper Wig Black

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Flapper Wig Black


Tori L. Skipper says:

This is the most mis-represented product! I bought the wig as well as a wig cap. The items arrived quickly but looked NOTHING like the pictures. The wig cap is not a nylon style “do-rag” as pictured but a streched out cheap mesh lunch-lady type hairnet, I probably would have gotten better quality with one from the cafeteria. The wig looks like a cheap imitation of Sony Bono circa. 1970’s hair. It isn’t even cut even! It is choppy and has huge “cowlicks” in it. Unfortunately, it is not returnable. It is seriously one of the lowest…

sunnykless says:

Not like the picture! I should know better.The price is too low for the wig to look decent.Low quality, uneven cut, but the wig looks silly enough to make people laugh at the Halloween party.Unfortunatelly, it wasn’t my plan, so I’m buying another one.

Girlrysanek says:

Crappy I paid extra shipping to get this to me in a couple of days in time for a party. The wig came in due time but the wig itself was horrible. It looked nothing like the picture and the haircut on the wig was off. One side had length and the other did not the bangs were wavy and would not straighten no matter what i did. I was completely disappointed and did not end up using it.

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