Lion Mane Costume and Big Dog Lion Mane Wigs for Holloween Christmas Party- Large Dog Costumes by IN HAND

October 13, 2016 - Comment
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Gully Art says:

cutes thing ever I got this for my sister in law’s dog and we all think its the funniest thing in the world. Her dog doesn’t really know whats going on and just sits there in wonder. but I think its the cutes and dumbest thing in the world. why in the world would any one put a costume of a lion on a dog… (Maybe because its so damn cute!!! lol) It puts a smile on everyone’s face. Hopefully it lasts till halloween and not get chewed up. He needs to go trick or treating. 

Tonya D Matherly says:

With this pet wig, a fake bloody hand & a few silly teenage boys, Ozzy Pawsbourn has just become a member of the insane clowns I wish to start out by being totally HONEST with everyone and say that when I ordered this Lion Mane Pet Wig, I absolutely did not expect it to arrive looking like the one in the picture, My pet wig arrived in just a simple plastic bag and was laying completely flat, which I was very happy about, since arrive flat would avoid any unwanted creases in the pet costume. When I removed the item from the bag, I saw the it was of a very (surprisingly) very plush faux fur and had a drawstring at one…

Mary Kelley says:

Great Hallowen Costume This review is for the IN HAND Lion Mane Costume and Big Dog Lion Mane Wigs – Large Dog Costumes. I have 2 large golden retrievers and we also had a family member’s dog visiting us the day our mane arrived. The product comes in a plastic bag and it is like a thick, furry turtleneck but without the rest of the shirt. The one end of the fur has a drawstring type cord to help to position it correctly on the pup’s head/neck area. I am actually very impressed with the amount of fur that is included…

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