The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

August 30, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

SAM ELLIOTT CAN STILL GIVE A GREAT PERFORMANCE ! The premise might be a little hokey but no more so than some of the other crap that passes for entertainment these days. SAM ELLIOTT IS STILL THE MAN.

Anonymous says:

Strong acting performances, but truly boring and pointless subplots. What do you do when you have a 30-minute script, but you want to make a movie? Pad it with a large amount of awkward, meaningless banter and memories. Sadly, every chance available to the writers to give those additional throwaway scenes any value is carelessly thrown out the window and instead, they merely provide the audience with more questions to keep them interested. Spoiler…. none of those questions are answered.The lethargic pace and these entirely unnecessary scenes end…

Anonymous says:

Disjointed Nonsense Absolutely terrible. The worst movie I’ve ever seen. The Bigfoot was laughable and poorly done. The flashbacks never answer any questions. There was a lot of talking and it had nothing to do with the story. So boring!Spoilers aheadWhat happened to the girl? At the fake funeral his brother said she died “young, very young.” The boring flashbacks never say what happened to her.Why did they have a fake funeral anyway? He comes back like a week later and is back…

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