The Alien Costume: Part 1

March 26, 2016 - Comment
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Davey B. says:

A classic 90’s cartoon that still holds up. Arguably the best Spider-man cartoon series made to date I grew up as a child of the 80’s, and my superhero idol was Spider-man. I straddled and scooted my way up skinny hallway walls, I begged for silly string canisters so I could live the 30-second fantasy of web shooters, and I practiced and mastered the only acrobatic move I was ever capable of: the ever-impressive forward somersault. It was a far cry from swinging down crowded streets, back-flipping up skyscrapers, and stringing up bad guys, but my imagination carried me far. I lived and…

bugman says:

one of the finest, most faithful incarnations of our beloved web-slinger i remember how excited i was (as a 23 year-old adult) when this show first came out. if you were a collector of the various spider-man comics, you received a a cool replica of an animation cell with each monthly issue. good stuff. and there was a reason we spiderphiles were so excited for this show: it folded the entire history of spider-man into utterly cool, season-long macro arcs. long before brian michael bendis came along and invented the idea of “mashing stuff together” (and don’t…

D. Murff says:

Love this series I love this series. I like this one much better than any of the other Spiderman shows, including the new Ultimate Spiderman that is currently running. Please add seasons 3, 4, and 5 soon!

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