Spider-Man Deluxe Child Costume: Size 10-12 Husky

December 16, 2015 - Comment

Puff up those shoulders with this boys Spiderman costume for all ages

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Puff up those shoulders with this boys Spiderman costume for all ages


Brenda L says:

Spider-Man Costume I bought this costume for my 4 year-old’s birthday. He requested a Spider-man dress up outfit. I saw this outfit and thought it would be perfect. And it was!! He loves it and never wants to take it off. I was worried about the mask fitting completely over his face and blocking his airway but it doesn’t seem to interfere with his breathing. I do however make him take it off for air more often just for my own comfort.

Auntie says:

Spider-Man Comic Child Costume I got this for my nephew for Christmas. He’s been wearing it quite a lot and it seems to be holding together well. He’s 4 and half and it’s about the right size. The face mask isn’t great as he says it’s very hot and little difficult to breathe. Appart from that it’s great.

Desiree R. Whitehead says:

Well made costume. This costume is very well made (for a costume.) The stitching is good (no holes or loose thread), material is strong & stretchy (comfortable), & my son loves it. The mask is a little hard to breathe thru, but, hey it’s Spiderman, it’s supposed to be close to your face. My son just lifts the mask up when he wants to. It did come with spats, but I ordered the ‘one size fits most’ gloves separate. A little expensive, but everything is now days. 🙂 This was a good buy, and I would do it again.

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