Smiffy’s Men’s Spaceman Costume with Jumpsuit Hood Gloves and Boot Covers, Silver, Large

October 20, 2017 - Comment

Take them to infinity

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Take them to infinity


halfmac says:

Nice! Seems well made. I like it. Reminds me of the suits they wore on “Lost In Space”. Very comfortable.

Ammar M. says:

Spaceman Suit FIT – perfect if you are around 5’10 and weigh around 160 poundsCOMFORT – due to the plastic-like material you will probably started sweating very quickly, no matter how cold it isACCESSORIES – the ‘helmet’ is fairly useless, and you most likely won’t use it; the boots are average, difficult to get on if you are shoe size is above averageLOOK – actually looks pretty good, has a slimming shape

Matthew W. says:

It fits slightly snug on my medium sized physique. … It fits slightly snug on my medium sized physique. Also, there’s an elastic band in the back at or around the waistline that doesn’t help. The gloves are cut for someone that has fat hands with all equal length fingers and thumbs. The “helmet” is completely worthless – maybe I’ll cut legholes in it and wear it as underwear with a window. I have another helmet to wear, so not a problem.

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