Fun World Costumes Men’s Santa Belly (Stuffed), Red, One Size

November 26, 2015 - Comment

Includes padded belly with waist strap in back

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Includes padded belly with waist strap in back


Scott Fisher says:

Works nicely and does the job I bought this to go with my Santa costume for a Halloween party. It works very nicely, goes around the neck and velcros behind the back to stay in place. If you need to adjust the chest/belly height you can tie a little knot in the neck strap to make it shorter. 

FarmMamma says:

MAKES THE COSTUME JUST PERFECT…. My husband bought a very professional and expensive Santa suit to be the Santa at my preschool and this was the nice finishing touch! He wears it UNDER a red thermal long sleeved shirt, the suspenders over that and it is just the perfect touch to any Santa.Fits well and is comfortable as well.

john cena fan says:

good product I expected the belly to be bigger than it actually was because (to me) the picture made it look pretty big. Maybe that’s because the guy in the picture is a big guy. But it’s all good, I’m actually happier with the size the belly actually is than what I expected it to be. It will work great for me! As far as delivery…I ordered it on the 7th, it shipped on the 8th & I received it on the 10th.

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