Evil Halloween Clown Adult Costume

July 30, 2018 - Comment

Be the sinister laughter behind twisted mischief in this evil clown costume.

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Be the sinister laughter behind twisted mischief in this evil clown costume.


Cole Early says:

Need nitty gritty details? Look here. Excellent buy and fits perfectly! There is no mask. (In the picture, it’s makeup.) There are no gloves or shoes and there is no hammer. The collar IS included however, even though you can purchase another collar seperately. All of this having been said:I am 5’9″ and 220 lbs. I purchased the One Size which I discovered means One Size fits everything between Teen and XXL. It fits absolutely perfectly. The pants and wrists are elastic. (The neck is NOT elastic.) The collar is slightly flat compared to the picture…

Stephanie Johns says:

Overall I’m very pleased. Fit perfectly! Looks exactly as shown. Ruffle a tad flatter than I wanted but not a big deal. Overall I’m very pleased.

William K. Miller says:

Nice overall. Collar not as full as pictured. Happy for the price. I treated it as a one time use item but it’s durable enough to keep and use it at least several more times going forward. The neck collar piece is way too big and not very fluffy as pictured. I cut it down and added extra adhesive backed Velcro to restore the fastening system. I put the collar in the steam dryer to see if that would help fluff it up, it did a little better, but still not as full as the picture. Overall a good item, if the collar was fuller like the picture,…

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