Dickies Men’s 1-1/2 Solid Straight Clip Suspender,Red,

December 20, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great fashion statement at any age. Who would have thought a simple pair of suspenders could change a life? I bought these for my 88 year old dad after listening to him talk about the red suspenders he used to have many, many years ago. The look on his face when he opened the package was priceless. He wears them daily, even to church. I even have a photo of him comparing them with one of his weekly breakfast buddies. And they actually hold his pants up better than a belt (which he continues to wear also. I don’t ask…

Anonymous says:

They Hold Up perfectly. I read through the reviews when I was ordering. I had worried a little about the number of posts that the suspenders were too short.I’m 5’11” and weighing in at 370 lbs. I carry a lot of that weight in my belly. The el cheapo suspenders I got at a big block retailer were stretched to their limits, and every time I bent down to pick something up, the back clips would come off and fly over my head. I had seen Dickies at the same store, but only the ones that hooked up to the belt…

Anonymous says:

The best cheap suspenders I have ever bought Unlike most all people who have suspenders, I use them daily. So I know all about wear and tear and usage. I am not a hobbyist or a once a year costumer, suspenders are as standard to my daily wardrobe as underwear and socks. I have bought over the past 15 years many types of cheap suspenders. This is by far the best quality I have ever seen in a suspender this cheap. The clips have a strong snap. They are wider than usual. The clips are bigger and thicker than usual. But the straps are not…

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