Curve Handle Bamboo Cane

February 10, 2016 - Comment


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Margery Leonard says:

Cheap Enough Even for The Tramp Don’t let the price fool you; this cane is sturdy enough to be functional. It is currently part of a Fremont Branch of American Association of University Women display at the Fremont Main Library to celebrate Charlie Chaplin Days in Niles next month. It was at Essanay Studios in Niles that Chaplin introduced his iconic figure The Tramp. Photographs show The Tramp with a bamboo cane, flimsy enough to barely support his weight. This cane is “thick,” as advertised. In addition to…

D. Schoen says:

I bought two I bought two for Chaplin costumes, both had inline cracks, weakening the stick. To make it appear as a more sturdy, thick walled, bamboo the cane is filled with sand to give it weight. Or maybe they are secretly smuggling sand into the country with the canes, or testing our homeland security screening.

S. Bloom says:

Damaged and cracked The box was fine, so this obviously defective product was shipped damaged to begin with. The bottom is shredded and broken- it looks like a dog chewed on it, and there’s a huge crack running half-way up the side. Unfortunately, I ordered this for my son’s Halloween costume and there’s no time to return it and get a new one, so oh well, sorry kid. 🙁

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