TWIZZLERS Licorice Halloween Candy, Strawberry (5 Pound per pack. 2-PACK)

December 31, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

READ THIS to keep your delicious Twizzlers FRESH! First, these are the original Twizzlers, NOT the chewy, gum-like, weird-tasting individually wrapped ones.Yes, there are a lot, all stuck together in a big tub. This is how you keep them fresh since most people aren’t going to eat them all in a week: Get three to five Ziploc gallon-size bags (how quickly you eat them determines this number; I use three) and separate the Twizzlers into the bags. Roll the bags from the bottom to compress, half seal the bag, finish rolling the…

Anonymous says:

Cheaply packaged and waste of money The plastic wrapper around container was so thin it broke. The lid to the container does not lock or snap shut, it just lays on top of container. So basically I got a bunch of loose twizzlers in a cardboard amazon box that I can’t eat because who knows what’s leaked into package when it was en route.

Anonymous says:

Delicious, re-sealing box, actually tastes like twislers, not vines! These are AMAZING! They are the ACTUAL twisters, just in bulk. Usually when you get twislers in bulk, they substitute them out for a knock off version of “vines”. They never taste right. These are TRUE twislers, just like the kind you’d get at the movies! Not only that, but it’s a 5lb CASE of them!! 😁👌 I was so excited. And on top of that, since they are in a case that has a lid that seals, they don’t set out, get stick or hard! I can’t say enough good things about them!!

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