Pixy Stix Candy Filled Fun Straws, 0.42 Ounce (Pack of 85)

September 6, 2017 - Comment

Each box contains 85 Candy Filled Fun Straws

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Each box contains 85 Candy Filled Fun Straws



Great post workout carbs. Tastes good, great source of dextrose for post workout insulin spike. I have one after every lifting workout. Sometimes I have it plain, sometimes I add it to my aminos or protein shake for extra sweetness. Definitely recommended.

Abaldwin says:

Messy messy messy! Pixie dust EVERYWHERE! I brought the package in from outside and a trail of it came into my house. I opened the packages to see if any of the containers broke and didn’t see any broken or cracked containers.I think the dust is from being manufactured.I’m on the fence about this purchase. The product is good, but I’m going to have to wipe all of these little containers off before I can hand them out to kids!

Rockin Roy says:

Lasts for years Originally developed as a soft drink in a straw, kids love this.I buy these for Halloween because I would eat all the regular candy.Spoonfuls of sugar just don’t work for me.The joy of watching the kids walk away trying to hold a bag, flashlight and three foot long straw is it’s own reward.

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