KNL Store Halloween Treater Pumpkin Kid Jack O Lantern Candy Bag Witch Hat Greeters Haunted House Decor(Ghost)

January 5, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Excellent quality. Well THis little guy is actually constructed with decent material. I was surprised, the craftsmanship is above par. The multicolored light is very bright as well. There is minimal assembly required, you have to slide on the legs, doesn’t take 30 secs though. I wouldn’t leave it outside for extended periods, it’s made of real fabric and prob wouldn’t last long. I’m purchasing the pumpkin version asap!! These guys are just too cute and creepy!

Anonymous says:

It’s neat! For the price you pay. It is very cool.. lots of compliments from people. The change of colors is really bright and bold. The only draw back.. is mine had some minor imperfections.. the painted shoe lace on one of the shoes was smeared, his white sheet had a brown mark in the back. Very small tho. Bur all in all.. very cool product!!

Anonymous says:

This little guy is adorable! I was going to put him outside but … This little guy is adorable! I was going to put him outside but decided I wanted to be able to enjoy him inside. Very light and easy to move around; I think outside he might blow around a bit.

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