Halloween Animated Prop Decoration: Monster Hand in Orange Bowl

August 25, 2017 - Comment

Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl

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Animated Witch Hand Candy Bowl


lhavok says:

Dont bother So disappointed. My mom’s been looking for this specific bowl for years now, I finally try to get it for her and it doesn’t work. The sensor doesn’t recognize your hand unless you touch it. And it came in a box that looked like it had been sat on. I’m waiting on my refund.

Kali raina says:

Doesn’t work well but good customer service The hand doesn’t always work. However, their customer service is good as they responded to my complaint quickly and refunded the money. The hand doesn’t look like a scary hand either…it is the size of a kid’s hand.

Amazon Customer says:

Just OK This one replaced an earlier model that finally wore out after several years of good use (the skin flaked off the hands). This bowl has a smaller hand, and the motion sensor doesn’t work. This new one moves and speaks at random, instead of when you reach for the candy. I loved the old one. This one is just OK.

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